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   Medical emergency can occur to anyone anytime. In any medical crisis, the quality of care provided in the first few hours is instrumental in saving lives and determining the prognosis of the victim.

   It is the Valuable few minutes that typify the significance of Emergency Medical Services. It is a well-accepted fact that a patient who receives basic care from trained professionals and is transported to the nearest healthcare facility within 15-20 minutes of an emergency has the greatest chance of survival. Hence, we at Apollo Hospitals leave no stone unturned in providing the best services in the shortest time possible by trained and experienced medical staff. The Nashik Apollo Hospitals Emergency Room has the reputation for immediate response with our trauma patients being of the highest priority. All laboratory and imaging test results are available without delay leading to quick diagnosis and rapid treatment.

   Apollo Hospitals Emergency Department provides a systematic approach to treating trauma patients with our dedication to a 24-hour state of readiness. The scope of services includes everything from critical care transport and definitive surgical care for trauma victims to comprehensive rehabilitation services.

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