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Most of people in our society are not aware of what does the Anaesthesia for surgery mean & who is the Anaesthesiologist for their surgery. They think of their anaesthesiologist only as the "doctor behind the mask" who helps them sleep through surgery and who wakes them up when surgery is over,who goes away & then newer meets the patient again.

But in fact, the anaesthesiologist plays a vital role in the patient’s life. This includes placing patients in a state of controlled unconsciousness called "general anaesthesia", the provision of "regional anaesthesia" where only a portion of the body is made numb or administering ‘sedation’ when indicated for the relief of pain or anxiety.

Our department is committed to the total peri-operative care of the patients. The responsibility of safely maintaining the patient’s vital signs right through the medical/surgical procedure, in addition to management of pain during and after procedures, lies solely with the Anaesthesiologist.

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